masturbation-healthy or unhealthy

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Masturbation is the act of sexually pleasing yourself or another person with the hand, fingers or a sex toy. Masturbation can be a part of foreplay or a way to give yourself an orgasm. Though it's taboo to talk about and maybe a little gross to accept, nearly everyone masturbates in some form or another, whether by themselves or with a partner.



  1. Most anticipate and theorize that masturbating can boost sex drive. Excessive masturbation may not have this affect, but masturbation that does not affect other areas of your life, or keep you from performing daily activities normally, is believed to promote a healthy, desired sex drive. Some couples claim that masturbation adds to their sex life, boosting their sex drive and adding to their desire for one another.

  2. Opposition

  3. The opposing theory is that masturbating decreases the sex drive because the hormones become accustomed to habitual masturbation. The theory centers on the belief that people who frequently masturbate fail to anticipate normal sexual encounters with partners are unable to become sexually aroused by their significant other, leading to a loss of normal sex drive.

  4. Fertility

  5. Though condemned in the Bible, it is believed that masturbation has no negative effects on a healthy individual. Sperm count in men is not lowered by the act of masturbation nor is the egg count in women. It is advised, however, that a man attempting to consensually impregnate his significant other avoid masturbating during his partner's most fertile days.

  6. Considerations

  7. Excessive masturbation or the desire to masturbate with various nonsexual items or the desire to masturbate triggered by nonsexual or dangerous events could be a sign or an unhealthy addiction to sex or a mental disorder. Normal masturbation habits are considered healthy as long as the masturbation does not occur in public places or involve the inappropriate and illegal viewing of an unknowing victim.

  8. Misconceptions

  9. Masturbation affects sex drives differently for different people. Some people experience heightened sex drives, lose their sex drives or experience no change in their sex drives. There's no evidence that masturbation is harmful to your health; the only negative effect of masturbation is the shame and embarrassment of getting caught in the act.

  10. Warnings

  11. A lot of times loss in sex drive, as related to masturbation, is caused by urinary tract infections caused when masturbation is done with dirty hands or objects. To keep your sex drive at a healthy and satisfying level for you and your partner, use clean hands or toys to prevent urinary tract infections that deplete your sex drive

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