Bodum French Press Brewed Coffee Serves Up a Flavor Experience of Therapeutic Proportions

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Bodum French Press Brewed Coffee Serves Up a Flavor Experience of Therapeutic Proportions

True coffee connoisseurs know that a single sip of Bodum French press brewed coffee can soothe the soul, rejuvenate the body, and tantalize the senses. They understand that the perfect cup of coffee is not made but 'created'; not consumed but savored; not simply a drink but an experience.

Each day, uninformed millions awaken to the sounds of percolating water, pay homage to the company coffee maker, or are inexplicably drawn to endless and time consuming drive-thru lines, all for the purpose of acquiring a coveted cup of caffeinated convenience. These are the unfortunate masses who embrace the impostor because they have never had the privilege of enjoying the 'real thing' - a truly authentic, genuine, and unfiltered coffee experience.

French press devotees view their coffee the same way a sommelier respects a fine wine or a gourmet appreciates quality ingredients. To the truly dedicated, it is not about convenience or simplicity because they know that the time and effort invested is justified by the finished product. A modern drip coffee machine, much like a microwave dinner, may be quick and easy, but fails to create a masterpiece that will capitalize on flavor and have taste buds watering in anticipation.

A French press returns to old-fashioned methods - brewing coffee the way it was intended and capturing the full taste and aroma of quality beans. Paper filters often compromise flavor and remove essential oils, leaving coffee thin or bland; but, the French press allows the coffee to steep, extracting all the goodness and resulting in a rich, smooth, full-bodied brew.

By incorporating methods that can be traced back to the mid-1800s, the French press allows you to brew the perfect cup of coffee, tailored to your preferences. For the purest taste, heat spring or filtered water and pour over coarsely ground, fine quality beans. The alluring aroma will entice you to savor the scent, so let the steam rise and take a few seconds to breath deeply, teasing your senses before placing the lid on the press. Let the mixture brew for 3-4 minutes, resisting the temptation to lift the lid and let a little of the fragrance escape. Now, these few minutes may feel like an eternity, but making a snack will make the time pass more quickly and provide the ideal complement to your expert brew. Patience is important, so exercise this virtue.

When the coffee has reached the desired strength, slowly push the plunger down, allowing the wire or nylon mesh filter - no bleached, water soaked, soggy piece of paper required - to move the grounds to the bottom of the pot. This is when all your hard work and patience will pay off - the point when you remove the lid, pour the aromatic brew into a mug, add cream or sugar if desired, and bring the cup to your lips, taking a moment to luxuriate in the captivating bouquet before experiencing that first eagerly anticipated sip. Ahh....Heaven. Unparalleled, incomparable, therapeutic, and truly beautiful. In a word, perfection.

Bodum French press brewed coffee is an amazing experience, beginning with the unrefined bean and ending with a true work of art. French presses come in a variety of sizes, from large carafes to single serving pots, making it possible to create the perfect cup of coffee for any occasion or mood, and guaranteed to change your perception of coffee forever.

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