Naturally Beautiful Bamboo Rugs and Fiber Rugs are Great Investments for your Home

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Naturally Beautiful Bamboo Rugs and Fiber Rugs are Great Investments for your Home

When buying a natural fiber or bamboo rug, most consumers have qualms over whether these rugs will work the same way as a normal wool rug. And when they say normal, they mean will they be able to withstand regular vacuuming, can they support the weight of heavy furniture, among a variety of other questions. Simply put, just because a rug is made out of bamboo or natural fiber such as sisal or jute doesn’t mean that the integrity of the rug will be compromised. Today, we’re here to put those questions to rest and reassure you that when you purchase a rug, whether it’s made from bamboo, natural fiber or even wool, you’re making a great investment for your home.

If you’re considering purchasing bamboo or natural fiber rugs and one of your first concerns is whether cleaning and overall maintenance will be an issue, no need to worry. Bamboo rugs can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth while jute and sisal rugs can be vacuumed regularly. Be careful to not get your fiber rugs too damp as this will compromise the strength and durability of the fiber and mold and mildew may develop. If by chance mildew or mold develops on your bamboo rug, simply wipe down with a damp cloth soaked in a water and bleach mixture.

So long as you don’t place your rugs on high pile carpeting, your bamboo and fiber rugs will be able to support heavy furniture pieces such as tables, couches and beds. For bamboo rugs it’s recommended to use felt cushioning or round rubber caster around the edges to avoid any scratching.

And for those of you who wonder if these special rugs can be used in the outdoors, you can as long as you take proper care of them. As mentioned earlier, if fiber rugs get damp then the strength of the fiber will weaken. It’s best to use these rugs in areas where there’s little humidity or in a covered outdoor area. The same can be said about bamboo rugs; as long as they’re used in a covered outdoor area then it’s perfectly fine to use outside. However, it exposed to too much sunlight your bamboo rug will fade over time.

As unique rugs, bamboo and fiber rugs bring a natural beauty perfect for any setting. Aside from the material they’re made out of, these rugs are guaranteed to wow and heighten the look of any home, which is simply one of the best decorative investments you can make.

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