Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Industry Bigger And Stronger

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Mountain Mineral Water
Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Industry Bigger And Stronger

As one of the world's three major water sources of mineral water, China's Changbai Mountain natural mineral water industry developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, blind development, brand missing such unfavorable factors as well as constraining the Changbai Mountains of mineral water industry, bigger and stronger.

Industry has developed rapidly

Changbai Mountain has a rich reserve of natural mineral water, flow stability, water quality, type, variety, distribution and ecology focused on the advantages of good. In the technical appraisal has been proven through many of the 180 mineral water sources, allowing the extraction of more than an annual output of 100,000 tons of mineral water production bases there are 47. As early as in 2001, here on the establishment of the country's first provincial-level protected areas, mineral water, natural mineral water in Changbai Mountain --- Jingyu water source protection zones.

With abundant reserves of natural mineral water resources in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province in recent years, natural mineral water industry has developed rapidly, the scale has expanded each year. At present, Jilin Province, enterprises have more than 60 mineral water, mineral water, annual output of nearly 100 million tons, up more than billion annually and create value. Has taken shape in order to spring Yangquan Beverage Co., Ltd., Jilin Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Co., Ltd. as the leading spring farmer enterprise development pattern, and to create a "spring Yangquan" The Chinese famous brand.

At the same time, Jilin Province with South Korea NAPIA, Taiwan Master Wu Tai Group, the Asian Fuheng and other famous enterprises at home and abroad together to promote the Changbai Mountain natural spring water to go abroad.

Development face bottlenecks

In the recently concluded fifth World Water Forum, the participants agreed that the financial crisis of the global economic downturn could lead to further deterioration of water shortages, which is how to effectively use water resources will be a great challenge.

At present, a good momentum of development of the Changbai Mountain mineral water industry will face a similar bottleneck.

Less leading enterprises, the lack of ability to resist risks. Changbai Mountain area currently more than 60 mineral water companies, the majority of annual output of tens of thousands of tons of small businesses, usually in the bottled mineral water production as the mainstay, the market share is low, a single product, the actual production capacity of less than its design capacity of .

Brand advantage is not prominent. Changbai Mountain natural mineral water there are any number of companies, brand clutter to bring the quality of mixed and other issues, the lack of big brands, the lack of core competitiveness.

Industry chain is not long, value-added products is not high. Did not rely on natural mineral water resources development in this huge fruit juice, beverage and other related products, simple in the mineral water on the trivial.

Can not be equal emphasis on development and protection. According to Ministry of Land and mineral water sources over the years on the reunification of the test results showed that mineral water sources Changbai Mountains are suffering from varying degrees of pollution.

"Water" in seeking business opportunities in

Some experts believe that for the first-line brands, the financial crisis may well be a turning point, because as the second and third line of the gradual disappearance of water, let out some market share. At the same time, last year's food security crisis, consumers are more concerned about brand, brand of food will increase the degree of concern, in this situation, more conducive to the development of brand-name water prices.

In the financial crisis, the Changbai Mountain Mineral Water industry should seize the opportunity to enhance the brand influence, look for an opportunity to achieve in danger, experts made the following response.

Cultivate a group of backbone enterprises of mineral water. Changbai Mountain natural mineral water industry through market-oriented operation, speed up the integration of the existing mineral water business, establishing a group of enterprises. On an annual output of 100,000 tons or more scale enterprises to be the priority list. And encourage superior enterprise merger, restructuring small and medium enterprises, and gradually form a few large-scale production of mineral water and spa drinks enterprise groups.

Play Changbai Mountain brand, the implementation of brand strategy. Mineral water brand strategy will be a powerful tool for market competition. At present, some international brands of mineral water have joined the Chinese market competition, some large enterprises also have to establish their brand culture. In this situation, the bigger and stronger, "Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water" is even more urgent. Shall be in accordance with China's consumption of natural mineral water standards, with reference to foreign mineral water standards, to confirm the quality of Changbai Mountain natural spring water features, so that consumers recognized "Changbai Mountain natural mineral water" quality.

Step up publicity to expand, "Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water," the consumer market. The establishment of sales network, strengthen marketing, developing domestic and foreign markets, and promote eco-products of Changbai Mountain brand.

Increase efforts to protect water sources. The relocation and protection of Changbai Mountain is the current of natural mineral water resources, effective way to move forward slowly in the current immigration situation, may consider setting up conservation projects and special funds. To stop all logging in protected areas, private open space and other prohibited acts of destruction of vegetation, avoid the right of ownership of forest protected areas created when the company settled land problems encountered.


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