Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat - Say Bye to Belly Fat

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Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat - Say Bye to Belly Fat

Stomach fat is very stubborn and hard to get rid of. Many people dream about a flat stomach or a six-pack abs but they don't reach their goal regardless of the measures they take. A common misconception is that crunches are the best exercises to lose stomach fat. They might have a little effect on abdominal fat, but they are by far less efficient than other exercise types. The first and most important thing that you have to understand is that it is not possible to only lose fat from a body part. You cannot say that you just want to eliminate fat from your stomach, without changing anything in other body parts. Your body works as a whole and you can't split it into pieces when it comes to losing fat because this is unrealistic. Only reducing your total body fat you can lose stomach fat or any other body part fat.

This is the main reason why, together with exercises, diet is also important. You have to focus your efforts on changing your metabolism in such a way that it will start burning the fat deposits and use the nutrients you are providing for building muscles not for creating fat deposits. This is why, when it comes to exercises to lose stomach fat, you have to think more complex that just doing crunches for endless amounts of time. It is more efficient to use a combination of resistance and interval training. Crunches are good indeed if you plan to tone the stomach muscles, but since you first need to burn the fat and only afterwards to tone the muscles, they do nothing for you. Crunches don't burn calories and don't eliminate fat, so you have to find other exercises to lose stomach fat.

Resistance training has the ability of changing the way your metabolism works and of helping you to replace fat with muscles. Your metabolic rate will increase this meaning that you will need more energy. Your body will start breaking down fat deposits in order to obtain energy and this is how your stomach fat is slowly going away. Interval training, on the other hand, is a better alternative to cardio, which, as we all now, is the champ of fat burning. Why is interval training better? Because it alternates different levels of intensity, so your body won't have time to adjust and to slow down the metabolic rate.

However, the bottom line is that even if there are some special exercises to lose stomach fat, you have to be aware that this is only going to happen in the context of reducing your total body fat.

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