Conserve energy and protect mother Earth

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Conserve energy and protect mother Earth

We all know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.  Science teaches us that it can only be converted from one form to another.  Maybe that is why we have become so careless with how we use energy.  The use of energy has been increasing year by year.  However for 2010 let there be a different trend.  Let the focus be on “Save earth and save energy”.




Types of energy


There are basically two types – renewable and non-renewable.  We use both but must be aware of the dangers of misusing and over-using both.




Renewable energy


  1. Trees – from time immemorial man has been using the wood from trees to make fire for cooking and to keep warm.  Even today, many go in for this type of fuel as it is cheap.  Though this is a renewable form of energy source, we need to stop using it as it takes a long time for trees to grow.

  2. Hydro-electric energy – derived from water from dams.

  3. Tidal energy got from the flow of water from tidal waves.

  4. Solar energy which every house can use if solar panels are installed.

  5. Wind energy when channeled can give wind turbines.

  6. Nuclear radioactive energy.

  7. Hydrogen energy which is gotten by the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen.




Non-renewable energy


Fossil fuel like petroleum and natural gas.




Save electricity


  1. To save mother Earth, use her resources.  In the daytime you can use the light of the sun to read.  Have a comfortable chair in the verandah or balcony.

  2. Go in for alternative and renewable energy.  Solar energy, wind energy and bio-fuels are examples.  Use them wherever possible.

  3. In summer set the air conditioner at a comfortable coolness.  When it is set to very cold you will tend to switch it on and off more often.  That will increase the energy consumption.  Alternately use the energy save mode.  Also make sure that no air escapes out the room.  If it does so, then the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to make up for it.

  4. Have candle light dinners at least once a week.  This is a romantic and economical way to save money and electricity.

  5. Switch off the lights and fan when you are leaving a room.  Also switch off electronic equipment when they are not in use. Try not to use too much electricity.  The idea is to use only as much as you need.

  6. Use energy efficient equipment only.  Fluorescent bulbs consume little energy and are long lasting.  These will not allow the electricity bill to eat your salary.




Save petroleum


  1. Save Petroleum which is a non-renewable fuel by walking to work.  If the place of work is too far, then car pool or take the bus.

  2. The newer car models come with fuel saving devices.  Go in for them.

  3. Buy vehicles which run on batteries and solar power.




Save cooking gas


  1. Use of microwave will save you cooking gar as well as time.

  2. Eating out may be a good idea, once in a while.  You get to save on your gas and have a good time.










  • You get the satisfaction of saving the earth.

  • Money is saved.  (There is that little bit more money for you to shop with)

  • You do not need to worry about power cuts.




The idea may be small and the effort may be big.  However, sticking to it will eventually reward you

Mother Earth

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