Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

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Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis
Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

Several Herbal treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis are available and can be easily obtained in various forms. It's so easy to locate a product that is suitable to your needs. Herbs can be bought as fresh or dried leaves that can be used to make tea, douches or concentrated tinctures. Essential oils can also be included to other preparations or used 'neat'.

Powdered herbs are very flexible and are easily mixed into creams or dissolved in fluids. Some herbs, particularly the ones prized for their amazing ability to treat symptoms and eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis, are frequently sold as vaginal suppositories. But herbal treatments for bacterial vaginosis work quickly.

The main herbs used in the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis are Coneflower, Goldenseal and Sage. There are many others but these are the most common. Many people include garlic, black walnut and cidar vinegar and although these are not considered herbs, they can be combined with other herbal treatments to eliminate your bacterial vaginosis.

Coneflower is a very effective antibiotic and is broadly used as a blood purifier.

Goldenseal has potent antibacterial properties. The root is used to make vaginal suppositories and is often combined with Vitamin A to help enhance the immune system. Sage is another effective antiseptic. It has the additional benefit of being widely accessible and is often added to dishes and recipes. Daily doses of these herbs will help avert infection. Herbal treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis has been proven to work quicker than any doctor prescribed pills.

Since the beginning of time, herbs in all its forms have been to fight illness, injury and disease. Many allopathic drugs have an herbal base but exhaustive production has removed many of the 'bonus' benefits you get from using the original pure herb.

There are so many shops selling herbs, herbal products and guides to help you choose the right herb in the best form that an herbal treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis can be found at the click of a button. Another benefit is that herbs can be easily used as a preventative medication. Most are fit to be eaten and used to flavor food so getting a regular dose is easy. It is easy to grow most herbs at home no matter how small your garden, A window box will often be sufficient in giving you an inexpensive 'home pharmacy' that is open 24 hours a day.

A major disadvantage in the use of herbs to cure Bacterial Vaginosis is that they can cause an allergic reaction and very powerful astringent herbs should be steered clear of if there is any irritation. So when choosing your herbal treatment for your Bacterial Vaginosis use caution and know which herbs to mix.

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