Causes of Weight Loss - Both Intentional and Unintentional

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Causes of Weight Loss - Both Intentional and Unintentional

Obesity or being overweight is a common problem these days. Though every one wishes for a taut, and slim and trim figure, it is not always granted to them. Sometimes weight gain is beyond any body's control. A person at times becomes helpless in the face of increasing weight. The sedentary life style, over eating, consumption of aerated drinks, refined carbohydrates and junk food, lack of exercise and physical activity leads a person to an obese state.

Health problems like hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone deficiency, deficiency of essential fatty acids, crushing syndrome, kidney, heart and liver problems that cause fluid retention in body, may also make a person look flabby or bulky. Being over weight also leads to a risk of falling prey to health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and osteoarthritis. We notice an increasing craze among people to go for fitness programs in order to shed off the extra flab and look smart.

For losing weight, basically one has to cut down on the intake of fatty foods, sweet items, alcohol, take breaks from work every one hour and do thirty minutes of work out, routine-based practice of aerobics to burn down calories, go for brisk walks etc. In other words, exercise and dieting hold prime importance for reduction of weight which includes the reduction of total body mass by getting rid of excess fluid, fat or adipose tissue and bone minerals. Now weight loss may be unintentional or intentional.

Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss

1. Certain types of cancer


3. Gastrointestinal disorders like celiac disease, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, diarrhea etc.

4. Infections like endocarditis, parasitic attack

5. Renal disease

6. Cardiac disease

7. Connective tissue disease

8. Pulmonary disease

9. Neurological disease

Causes of Intentional Weight Loss

1. Nutritional therapy

2. Dietary restrictions

3. Crash dieting or being only on water for more than 12 hours.

4. Dietary supplements

5. Free hand work out

6. Strenuous exercise that would enhance the rate of metabolism in the body.

7. Weight control pills that suppress appetite, reduce the volume of stomach, and inhibit fat absorption.

8. Intake of slimming herbs

9. Bariatric surgery or artificial reduction of stomach size as the last resort for weight loss.

Hope this article will help you understand the common causes of unintentional or intentional weight loss. Weight loss if done through natural means such as by taking controlled diet, doing regular exercises and taking herbal weight loss supplements not only keep you healthy but also disease free.

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