How to Get a Popular Guy to Like You Even When You're Plain Jane! Looks Don't Always Matter

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How to Get a Popular Guy to Like You Even When You're Plain Jane! Looks Don't Always Matter


It's not easy being just another girl in the eyes of a hot shot you're crushing on. But do not lose hope. With these tips, you will be able to steal his attention, and make set it on you for keeps.

"Popular" is just a mentality.

If you think you're just another girl, then the guy you're crushing on is just another guy. Popular guys are only intimidating because a lot of girls want them but can't have them. If you erase this mentality from your mind, you are on your first step towards winning the guy of every girl's dream.

Do not meet his expectations.

Popular guys know that girls get super nervous when they have to come and talk to them. That's why they put up that extra can't-touch-me attitude. It feeds their already huge ego. If you are crushing on the popular guy that every other girl wants to get to know, here's how you can steal the limelight: Be super casual. This means that when you talk to him, do not show how excited or nervous you are. He will start to wonder why you can't see what everyone else can.

Be spontaneous.

Even the most popular girls ruin their chances with equally hot guys when they stop to think too much about what to say, and how to act. When you are spontaneous, you allow your real self to show, and that's always better than putting on a show which can be hard to maintain as days go by. By spontaneous, we mean act natural, and go for the gold when it's right before your eyes. If you're at the bar, and he walks up to order drinks, casually and confidently say something that will get him to talk to you. "Hey you're that guy from that band. Nice music, heard you guys play last week. "

Show that you're not into him.

You may be thinking, "what right does a plain Jane have playing hard to get with a really hot guy?" Little efforts like this goes a long way. So we're back at the bar, and you say, "Hey, you're from that band. Nice beats. I heard you guys play. What's your drummer's name?" And he'll be floored. Popular guys think everyone is swooning over him, but you're sending signals that you're not exactly one of these people. Ego bruised, he will look for ways to make you want him instead of the drummer.

Be open and tell interesting stories.

Your traveling experiences to exotic countries or your love for extreme sports are a great way to open up during your initial conversation. It tells Mr. Popular that you are far more interesting than other girls, or that you're leading a adventurous life. No Miss Lame-o for Mr. Popular.

Say bye-bye, quick!

So you finally have his interest. When you do, say you need to do something really important, or you have to go, and excuse yourself. This will tell him that you're a busy person with a meaningful life, and dating popular guys like him isn't one of your top priorities. He'll be sniffing himself all night trying to figure out why he couldn't attract you like he did most girls.

If he asks you out, tell him you're busy.

He's super used to hearing girls say, "OMG! Really! Here's my phone number! And my email address! And this is where I live! You can call me anytime! I'll be waiting". You're not one of those girls who would do anything for a date with him, so when he asks if you're doing anything tomorrow night, apologize sweetly, and say that you are, but some other night is good. Leave your number, but don't bother picking up the phone as soon as it rings. Let him leave a couple of messages before you entertain.

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