Numerology Your House Number Matters

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Numerology Your House Number Matters

A question that I am often asked is "what about the number of my house? Does that have any affect on my life?

I know it does, and have lots of fun explaining this one.

Then the next question, "Is it a good or bad number to live with? Numerology invites us to look at all aspects of numbers in our lives. As there are no "good" or "bad" numbers, we need to realize that each number has its own vibration, with both positive and negative lessons for us to learn.

Numerology awakens us to endless possibilities for personal growth. It opens a window or door for us to move through into personal truth and understanding. Understanding Numbers is a clear way to learn lessons and to appreciate growth.

Houses do build up vibration associated with the street address. How often have you walked into a house and instantly "felt" its energy?

It is a natural human gift to sense the atmosphere. This ability comes from way back in our cave man days of flight or fight. As you walk through a house you may have a warm happy feeling. Just as easily you may note a cool atmosphere, or have a sense that a less than cheery energy is around you.

Numerology we can tell us a lot about what lessons are present in our lives by just looking at our street number. Often we are attracted to a particular house number over and over again. Some numbers deter us from moving in.

There is always something for numbers to teach us to think about.

Remember back to a house that you have lived in, think about the atmosphere. How did you feel living there? What lesson did you finally learn from living in that house? Did you move on from that particular number? Or is the street number now repeated again in a different home.

If so, it may well be that all the levels of the first house number were not learned or appreciated. Perhaps you are now ready to learn the deeper level of that lesson, and are still attracted to its vibration. It may also be that the number is in complete harmony with you and you just love to have it as your address.

This is a quick game you can play with a friend and only takes 2 minutes or so...

The trick is to reduce your actual street number to a single digit. As I have mentioned before Numerology is a multilayered study there is always something more to learn.

Whatever we are reading in Numerology (the year, a birth date, or a street number) all numbers must be reduce to a single digit.

For example your street number is 247. Using a simple equation we will reduce 247 down to a single digit.

247 is the street number. Let us do the maths. 2+4+7=13 Continue adding until we get to a final digit.t 1+3= 4. There you have it!

Your house number is 4. Here is a simple list for each number. Have some fun working it out and thinking about your home.

1- Independence

2 - Spiritual Co-operation

3 - Detailed Expression

4 - Practical Opportunities

5 - No Boundaries

6 - Responsibility

7 - Meditation

8 - Business Ideas

9 - Community Action.

It is how we interact with our house number on a personal level that makes it so important to understand.

Some House Numbers are a challenge some are a joy.

Understanding this simple piece of information can make a huge difference in how you live and what you appreciate in your House.

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